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Our Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Is a gentle infusion of warm temperature regulated purified water into the colon. Using no chemicals or drugs, the warm water help to soften, break up, and then remove impacted and dehydrated fecal, mucus, parasitic and other waste material that layers the colon walls. When waste matter sits inside the colon dehydration and stagnation occurs, therefore toxins build up and this creates erratic conditions in the body we call disease.

Pair Biomagnetism

Is a treatment modality discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz that helps restore natural health by balancing the acidic and alkaline levels in the body through the application of magnets to specific areas that show imbalance. Feel better. BioMagnetism identifies diseases through etiology due to the presence of pathogenic microorganism such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. These microorganisms can cause illnesses and organ dysfunction of the human body. Through the process of applying positive and negative magnets to Biomagnetic Pair, the areas where these microorganisms live, natural pH balance and equilibrium can be restored leading to more optimal health.