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What Our Clients Say

For over 10 years I suffered from a nagging back ache in the lower part of my back that would act up depending on the level of my activity. Often it would require chiropractor adjustment which would temporarily solve the problem, however, either days or weeks later, the pain would return. When hearing about bio-magnetic therapy, I was slightly skeptical as I was not thoroughly educated about the process to fully understand how it worked. I received a treatment from Yolanda Compton who said I would need at least 2 more treatments. Not feeling any different but knowing her and respecting what she said I agreed and had 2 more treatments over the subsequent weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my back pain subsided!

It's been about 3 months since my treatments and I no longer experience pain in my back. That was enough to sell me to the idea of referring others to consider this wonderful treatment. But when my wart that I have had for over 20 years disappeared… that really caught my attention. I am truly amazed at the power of this therapy.

— Carol, from NJ

Before Bio-magnetism, my life included multiple visits to the doctor and chronic fatigue. I would easily catch a cold and constantly felt sick. One day last March I noticed a tiny bald spot on the center of my head. I immediately paid a visit to the doctors office to get it checked out. Just by looking at it my doctor concluded it might be Alopecia Areata, which is an auto immune disease that attacks your hair follicles. I was prescribed Women's Rogaine and sent to the lab to get an accurate diagnoses.

About a week later, they called me from the doctors office and told me I tested positive for Alopecia Areata and that other test done signaled that I may have Lupus. They referred me to a rheumatologist where they explained what Lupus is and asked me several questions regarding my health. The rheumatologist said I had to repeat the lab work in a month to double check the results since I had no other symptoms of Lupus except for hair loss. Weeks went by and my bald spot grew bigger and bigger. As a woman, my hair is very important to me and it was very sad to see my hair fall out everywhere I went.

I was then introduced to Bio-magnetism and my life completely changed. After a few treatments my fatigue went away and I felt a lot better. I repeated the lab work and the results were negative, I had no Lupus! My bald spot was still the same, so the rheumatologist referred me to a Dermatologist where I would receive cortisone injections to help my hair regrow, but still continued getting bio-magnetic treatments. After just two treatments my hair surprisingly grew back. The Dermatologist was baffled and released me from his care, because for many it takes a really long time to produce results. I was impressed with my results and now strongly believe that bio-magnetism along with my medical treatment helped regrow my hair.

— Cynthia M.

When I started with the biomagnetism therapy, I was having back pain, shoulder pain and at least headaches once a week, I have a chronic skin condition going on for years and no dermatologist have been able to help me with this fungus, although they have prescribed me with many expensive lotions and medication that only makes me feel sick to my stomach. Nothing seemed to help.

After the 1st treatment my back pain was gone completely. On my 2nd treatment my shoulders started feeling better and my skin started to lighten up. I have gone to 4 treatments so far and all my conditions have improved in a way I wasn’t expecting. I would truly recommend this therapy to anybody that’s having any type of pain or skin problems.

— Ivette T.

I just wanted to say "thank you" to Yolanda Compton for the treatment I received at her center. I was suffering from constipation and now after these treatment I go to the bathroom every day. This is amazing and I love it. I heartily recommend the treatment to everyone! You feel so good, and now I even enjoy every time I have to see her.

I also received treatment with the magnets and feel relaxed and satisfied. After I had my son I had a serious problem in my back that will not let me get up from the bed or even exercise, that pain is gone after a few treatments I received at her center.

All my life my period was irregular, after these treatments I get it every month. Seven years ago I started to be allergic to the pollen, I was constantly taking pills (all type, different brands) even penicillin to relieve all my inconveniences I had and now I still have it but not as strong as I had, now I can go to work and be with others.

I really wanted to say this WORKS!! It has helped me and I will recommend it to others.

Thank you Yolanda!

— Jenny Altamirano :)

Testimonial Currens

My daughter Lexie had several very large warts on both of her hands. We went to Yolanda Compton for biomagnetic detox therapy. After just two visits we started to notice a difference in the size and texture of Lexie’s warts. Within two weeks of the third and last therapy session her warts were almost gone. By the end of four weeks Lexie’s warts were completely gone. We are so happy with the results of the detox therapy. I plan to bring my other daughter to get the detox therapy for her warts as well.

I would recommend the biomagnetic detox therapy, not just for warts, but for any ailment you might have. It really, really works.

— Lori C.

The experience that my husband and I had with bio-magnetism and colon hydrotherapy was excellent. Before we suffered from knee, neck, hand, and lower back pain. After the therapy was performed we experienced immediate relief. The experience we had was great. I recommend this therapy to anyone. Mrs. Compton is professional and knowledgeable in these fields.

— Manuel and Dina M.